Over ten years of success in production, extensive client support, and expert services.  We manufacture ingredients, ready-made formulas, and packaging. We design plants, provide guidance, and find solutions to every problem.

We are serving

Detergent Manufacturers

Global Pro Kimya, as a one-stop-shop solution, offers a wide range of detergent chemicals and packaging materials, as well as machines and spare parts for upgrading or daily maintenance.

Detergent Wholesalers & Retailers

We provide contract manufacturing or private labeling services, covering a wide range of homecare and cleaning products, including washing powder, laundry detergent liquid, dishwashing liquid, and many more.

Want a Detergent Plant of your own? We have you covered!

Our process is straightforward and each strategy is uniquely tailored to fit the client.

1. Exploration and analyses

We identify all requirements and assemble all information, inspecting everything from local infrastructure to local market conditions. Our clients can rely on our assistance in every detail, 24/7.

2. Extensive research

We help the client in defining the target market position, product planning, and estimated capacity of the plant. This can be done with or without our assistance.

3. Plant layout

Our engineers design the factory in line with local codes and the client’s intentions. After the final draft, the contract is signed and realization begins.


4. Plant equipment transport

Through our reliable network, we deliver all equipment in a very short period of time. 


5. Plant installation and commissioning

Our expert teams make sure that production systems are perfected and all processes stable. We take pride in our extensive services, covering everything from technology shifts to regular maintenance.


6. Preparation and education

Our teams train the factory crew to manage the production securely and autonomously. We remain by our client’s side until the coaching is no longer needed.


7. After-sales services and supply chain

As a globally leading supplier, Global Pro Kimya is able to support our customers with all detergent chemicals and detergent packaging materials necessary for the production. We offer special terms and conditions, including life-time after-sales services with mutual benefits.